Staffing Vegas is the premier website to find jobs in Las Vegas. Staffing Vegas connects high quality talent to employers. We run a tight ship at Staffing Vegas and we make sure that job seekers have the best experience by helping employers craft useful, attractive, and detail oriented job listings. We do this by hand to ensure the highest level quality job listings to those searching for jobs in Las Vegas.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a user-friendly, reliable, and connected network of local employers looking to hire quality talent. Employers trust our that listing jobs with Staffing Vegas will be worth their while because of the high quality standards. Plainly put, we don’t allow any random job advertiser to list with us. This in turn also affects the quality of the talent using our site. If the job listing doesn’t meet our quality guidelines, it will not make it to the public board. Therefore, the quality of our talent goes up because they know they can rely on a job board that is user-centric.

Our Team

The Staffing Vegas team is comprised of knowledgeable management, recruiting, sales, and support staff based in Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more about what we can offer your company or how we can help you find a job in Las Vegas. Please feel free to contact us.

Why We Moderate Listings

Staffing Vegas does not allow spam job listings. We do not allow work from home opportunities or MLM listings either. This includes, but is not limited to: work-from-home offers, MLMs and jobs requiring an initial investment. This creates a safer market place for users and employers alike. We work hard to bring the highest quality listings direct to job seekers.

The process of moderating our job board allows Staffing Vegas to provide a higher quality level than the national competitors. National chain websites and syndicated affiliate job boards allow everyone and anyone to post to their job boards regardless of the job’s legitimacy or street value. If we suspect a job offering’s quality does not meet our guidelines, we simply refuse to list them.