The Current Status of the Las Vegas Job Market

While the unemployment rate is still higher than the national average in Las Vegas, there are about half of the number of people who are looking for work in the city as there were just 3 years ago, so the present trend is positive for jobs in Las Vegas. It’s one of the cities with the fastest falling unemployment rate in the US. Are you looking for work in Las Vegas? What kind of careers are available? What should your resume include? Read on to learn more about jobs in Las Vegas.

Contrary to what television would have a person believe, you don’t have to be a showgirl or a blackjack dealer to find a job in Las Vegas. It’s a great city for those in the entertainment field or the hospitality industry for sure, but those aren’t the only careers in town.

First of all, the city of Las Vegas itself is hiring for government jobs. The application process is pretty tight. You need to give 10 full years’ worth of employment history to even be considered. They want you to explain any gaps that there may have been in your employment history. You also need to include any time in the military. While it won’t disqualify you from the job to not have a resume, obviously, attaching one is a good idea.

Whether you are looking for full or part time work, there is always a need for drivers. After all, most people are out drinking and shouldn’t be driving themselves around Vegas anyway. On top of that, there are many major events going on throughout the week and on weekends. People want to be chauffeured back and forth to the airport and their hotels.

In any city that prides itself on being based on pleasure seeking you are going to need medical professionals and emergency services personnel. Whether you work at a hospital or at a police station, there are a lot of people that are needed to support a city like this one.

On top of that, there are the many customary hospitality jobs that you would expect. Whether it is work at a casino, a restaurant, taking tickets at a theater, working in security and surveillance, or being an IT guru who can help keep facial recognition software up to date, there are many opportunities to make a decent living in the city that has been nicknamed Sin City for its many hospitality industry diversions.