Viva Employment in Las Vegas

The Strip. Vegas. Sin City. Regardless of how you refer to Las Vegas, one thing holds true: it generates a ton of capital. Some of the cash flow goes to the local workforce. Is Las Vegas the sort of place you should look into finding work? Read on to learn more about the job market in Vegas, and what kinds of career opportunities are available there.

First of all, while the unemployment rate in Las Vegas may be slightly higher than the US average, it is still much lower than in LA, so if you live between the two cities and are trying to decide which direction to commute, Vegas is your safer bet (pun intended). Vegas also has a lower unemployment rate than the average for Nevada in general, so it is the definitely the best place in the state to find employment. So what type of job are you going to find in Sin City? Do you have to work as a blackjack dealer or a showgirl to get by?

You may be surprised to find out that some of the best available jobs in Las Vegas are actually government positions. Opportunities are diverse, but the screening process is fairly stringent, so here are some things that you need to know. First of all, they want details about your employment history. You can’t just give a company name and the dates you worked there. They want to know the level of responsibility that you assumed at the company, and each promotion needs to be considered as if it was a separate job. You also need to explain any reasons why there is a gap between leaving one job and starting at another, even if it is just that you were temporarily unemployed while looking for another job. It’s not required, but with some tough competition, a resume attached to the application is suggested.

Now the hospitality business is what The Strip is all about, so if have you experience, you may be able to make a career for yourself here. Jobs in the restaurant, hotel, casino, and bar industries make up a large part of the economy here. Plus, Vegas is the host to many major and private events. Being a photographer, videographer, event planner, caterer, limo driver, or other event necessity will give you many opportunities for work.

Don’t forget that if you live in Vegas and are in between jobs, you can always do freelance work online. There are plenty of opportunities for everything from skilled programmers to writers while you look for your perfect Vegas job.